Winter Holidays in the Cinque Terre: Vernazza – Cinque Terre
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Winter Holidays in the Cinque Terre: Vernazza

Winter Holidays in the Cinque Terre: Vernazza


The incredible charm of a a tiny village on the rocks!

If you are looking for the intimate atmosphere of a tiny hamlet for your relaxing winter holidays in the Italian Riviera, Vernazza is the village for you.

The ideal destination for all kind of travellers. Whether you travel alone, with family, with friends or you are a couple looking for romance, this is the place!

Vernazza is magic, both in Summer and in Winter, but, when the flocking tourists that invade the village Main Street from May to September  disappear it’s time for the wise traveller to come and stay!

Christmas time in Vernazza 

You won’t regret choosing Vernazza as Christmas time destinations. Your Festive Season celebration will have a n intimate dimension. Tourists and villagers will gather under the light decorations of the main square. Everybody will discover the beauty and tenderness of sharing good feelings in the small dimension of this lovely, tiny village of the Italian Riviera.

Sceneries and moments you’ll never forget

The storm with Monterosso in the distance will enchant you

and a the scenery will be even more pleasant if shared with friends drinking Cinque Terre wine on the terrace Lassù Apartment overlooking the main square

Silent and quiet, Vernazza will conquer you

Vernazza solitary streets at night, even on a rainy night, will sign your love story forever

Wandering through its streets you’ll discover hidden details

and unusual geometries

Incredible rentals for you with the best of views

Cinque Terre Riviera will help you spotting the very best locations for your rentals. You will get the very best views on the village or its waters, memories that will never leave your heart.

Like Unda de Ma Apartment with Views that overlooks the so called “spiaggia nuova”, the beach that was created by the dramatic flood in 2011.

From your apartment the waves will be only sound you will hear

YouTube video

History in the village and in the surrounding countryside

Vernazza ancient church of Santa Margherita is a precious piece of art, but also other landmark are worth a visit. An example the Sanctuary of Reggio, right over Vernazza. A nice walk for the hiking lovers will take to this oasis of peace.

The Sanctuary of Reggio is a beautiful church with incredible indoor architecture and decorations and an interesting collection of ex-voto.

The Church is not always open, but locals  that have access will be happy to open it on request.

How to reach the area

TRAIN is definitely the best way to reach the area in Winter Time. Forget your car, park it in La Spezia and reach us by train.

And if you like to discover the area by car we can provide an efficient service of Private Car Transfers. Our drivers know every corner of this land. Without stress and in safety you’ll reach hidden corners and unexpected views.


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