Winter Holidays in the Cinque Terre: Monterosso – Cinque Terre
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Winter Holidays in the Cinque Terre: Monterosso

Winter Holidays in the Cinque Terre: Monterosso


Winter in Monterosso, Cinque Terre. A rewarding stop to our fast & furious lives!

Visiting the  Cinque Terre in winter time will be a total pleasant surprise for your eyes and your heart! Wether you travel here alone, as a couple or with family or friends, there will always be a great rewards for you.
You’ll discover here a real intimate, quiet and relaxing atmosphere: the real thing our fast & furious lives need!
A glass of white Cinque terre wine will immediately give you peace of mind and tender feelings.

Monterosso Beaches are so warm and attracting in Winter!

As the sun makes its appearance early March it’s lovely touching the waters and playing on. the sand.

Watch this lady. Isn’t her enviable? All alone on a February sunny day! Love it. Monterosso village, thanks to its geographical position, is the warmest of the five villages. No wind will disturb you rest and no sound will interrupt your dreams apart the lulling sound of the waters.
and kids will love the bubbly waters on the shore. By the way, Monterosso in winter time is perfect destination to heal lungs problems and chronicle breathing difficulties. Families with children with find this destination ideal and healthy for them. Car free

Two areas, a large village

The promenade running over the beaches connects the two parts of Monterosso, Fegina and the Old village. Fegina is the  newer one with more recent buildings dating back to the end of the XIX century, while the Old Village has still buildings dating back to Medieval times.
There’s no limit to our imagination and to our desire of freedom if we stay in Monterosso. Our safe waters are quiet even in the winter season.

Christmas Traditions all around

History and Churches  for all traveller that love the past and like knowing more about our roots and our legends of sea and love.

New Years’s Eve will be so tender and romantic on Monterosso beach!

The right place for a new relationship or a proposal for life!

Adventure is here, if  you like

And if you are the adventurous one, well, there’s still a way to prove your hang gliding skills flying even over La Torre dei Merli, a marvellous tower for rental, up to 8 sleeps, once an astronomic observatory.
but you can still watch it from the terrace of the pub at the train station, il Bar della Stazione!

Their cappuccino is lovely and focaccia, too!

Amazing Rentals for small and big parties!

Cinque Terre Riviera can guide you to choose the perfect rental for your party. Large families can find lovely gathering all together at Villa Montale, La Torre dei Merli or La Pavona. Wile small families and couples can find lovely retreats in properties such as Picabon and Levre de Cuppi.
They’ll be lovely for a weekend break or for a longer stay, one week and even one month!
And gorgeous food and wines will alway be waiting for you at the Enoteca Internazionale in the Old Village.
There’s no other choice. Let’s choose Monterosso and the Cinque Terre as next holiday destination
P.S.: TRAIN is definitely the best way to reach the area in Winter Time. Forget your car, park it in La Spezia and reach us by train

And if you love to travel comfortably and without timings just consider to hire oner of our drivers to visit the area by car.

You’ll be able to visit the sanctuaries over the Cinque Terre villages, such as Soviore, the one over Monterosso

And at night, on coming back, the charm of Monterosso lights and its beaches will be there to welcome you and give you peaceful nights.

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