Finding hidden gems easily with what3words and Cinque Terre Riviera – Cinque Terre
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Finding hidden gems easily with what3words and Cinque Terre Riviera

Finding hidden gems easily with what3words and Cinque Terre Riviera


With CTR it’s easier to find your way

Cinque Terre Riviera offers a hand-picked selection of over 50 luxury and boutique private properties, directly managed, in the best spots of the Italian Riviera.

To help guests find their accommodation easily, 3 word addresses have been added to every listing

Download what3words app and you’ll be taken directly to the front door of the apartment or office we will provide to you along with check-in instructions.

As Cinque Terre Riviera guests you will find your hotel first time, without getting lost or having to ask for directions. what3words can be used in 14 languages, removing the language barrier often faced by travellers, and it can be used offline, so it works even if they’ve turned data roaming off.

Directly to your apartment door…

Late check-in? Do not be afraid to reach the property you rented!

Many of the Cinque Terre properties are tucked away down winding paths, or hidden in a crooked backstreet that Google does not know!

Navigating to an unfamiliar place can be difficult and frustrating. While a rental may offer the very best experience, guests who arrive feeling stressed can be harder to please throughout their stay.

To help guests find their secluded gems more easily, each Cinque Terre Riviera property displays its 3 word address on arrival instructions. For example ///slinks.littler.duping marks the precise location of the entrance to the Villa Montale in Monterosso.

A 3 word address provides guests with easy-to-use and accurate location information. They simply enter the three words into the free what3words app and get directions to their villa’s entrance using their favourite navigation app.

Around the world what3words is helping travel companies such as Cinque Terre Riviera offer a smoother and more enjoyable customer experience, and helping hotel guests to enjoy a more relaxing start to their holiday.


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