Dive into Corniglia wonders – Cinque Terre
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Dive into Corniglia wonders

Dive into Corniglia wonders


Follow us on a tour of Corniglia beauties

You won’t pick any other village but Corniglia in the Cinque Terre to spend your next holiday and discover the wonders of the region!

Book a unique and exclusive property from our selection and you’ll have the privilege to touch with own hand and eyes the magic this tiny village has to share with you.

Corniglia is perched above a promontory and traditionally we know it as the village that has no access to the sea.

Well, what about this secluded beach? La Marina is really a paradise for privileged guests!

Follow me and get’s closer to it. We’ll follow the Marina path and go down till paradise appears in front of our eyes


Crystal clear waters

Then back to Corniglia Belvedere and we are overwhelmed by beauty

What a day!

The best for a boat tour

All is so silent around us that we can hear the words of the captain who’s talking on the phone while boating towards Manarola.

And going around the village that’s what we encounter.

Every step we take is a pleasant surprise for our eyes and our heart.

Local plants making their way among the dry stone walls

Leaves struggling to gain the sky

Agave plants over the waters

Rocks plunging into the sea

Unexpected gates

Spring Blossoms

Saint Peter’s Church, so simple, so elegant, so beautiful.

It dates back to 1334, built on a previous religious site of XI century. Artists coming from Como Lake area built this piece of art. Basically made in Ligurian Gothic style as per desire of the Genoese Fieschi Family with Baroque addictions.

Not to be missed the Saint Patron celebrations on June 29th

The typical Ligurian Risseu, the cobble stone flooring so common in the region squares and streets.

Precious Decorations

Column capitals

Prestigious statues

and old seals

Iron buckets as recycled vase

marks of ancient buildings

The curious sea houses roofs with rocks on top to fight against winds and waves strength.

The charming Lardarina staircase, 377 steps and 33 landings that take us down to the train station.

Tender, growing plants

The tasty Borragine flowers  (Borago officinalis, L.)  that give such a flavour to Ligurian ravioli. Uhm, delicious!

The staircase down to the Marina, from different point of view

That’s Corniglia

But much more is waiting for you. Do not forget to visit it while in the Cinque Terre. Buy your train tickets on ItaliaRail.

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