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Catamaran Weekly Cruises in the Cinque Terre

Rent-a-boat and cruise on a catamaran the Cinque Terre and the Poets’ Gulf with privacy and freedom

A family or friends group will find renting a  private boat for visiting the Cinque Terre and the Poets’ Gulf cheaper than staying ashore and  staying at hotels, for sure! Like a stay in private villas and apartments a boat you can rent just for your family or your small group of friends will guarantee you a lovely and memorable holiday without any stress caused by keeping distances and staying on a queue at transportation booths and restaurants

For many reasons privacy and freedom of movement will be saved on board!

Catamaran or Sail Boat will be the highlight of your Summer in the Cinque Terre and the Poets’ Gulf

The plus of renting a private boat against hotel bookings in 10 points:

Why not spending a week on a fantastic catamaran this Summer?

Here the quick facts for this amazing boat for rental.

Here Catamaran Quick Facts and prices

Weekly Rental Rates

February € 3800.00 – March and April € 4000.00 May € 5000.00 – June € 6000.00

July and August € 9600.00 euros (July and August rates include Skipper, Skipper’s Galley and final cleanings, tender)

September € 5800.00 – October € 4500.00 – November € 4000.00 

Optional Skipper (included in July & August prices) – € 1260.00 + meals

Check-In On Saturdays 6:00 p.m.

Check-Out on Fridays within 5:00 p.m.

Week-End – rates on request

Check-In On Fridays 6:00 p.m.

Check-Out On Fridays 6:00 p.m.

What’s included in rate

  • Embarking and Disembarking Fees
  • Insurance R.C. and Kasko
  • VAT

Not Included and mandatory

Final Cleanings € 200.00 (with sanitising process) (included in July and August prices)

Fuel: according to consumption

Booking Fee 50.00 euros


Bed Linens € 20.00 per Cabin 

Bath Towels  € 5.00  per person

Skipper € 1260.00 weekly or € 180.00 daily + meals (included in July and August prices)

Hostess € 100.00 daily + meals

Tender € 150.00 weekly or € 50.00  per weekend (included in July and August prices)

Damage Deposit (mandatory) € 4000.00

No pets allowed (not even small sizes)

Now start considering the costs for all this (up to 8 guests) and compare it to hotels prices!

It’s paradise and it’s affordable!

Send your request with number of guests, preferred dates and we will let you have an offer

Visiting the Cinque Terre and the Poets’ Gulf will be memorable experience for you and your family!

And you can add many other experiences to it like wine tastingpasta and pasto making and private guided hiking tours.

And we can cater excellent local food and wine on board so that you do not miss a bit of the flavours of our amazing land!