Best Things To Do In Cinque Terre – Cinque Terre
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Best Things To Do In Cinque Terre

Best Things To Do In Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre, Italy is a part of the Ligurian coastline and made up of five quaint villages Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, and Monterosso that hug the cliffs. It is also known as the Italian Riviera.

How to travel and where to stay

To travel there you need to take a train to Cinque Terre from Genoa and La Spezia. Flights to Cinque Terre are not available. Tourists fly to Genoa and Pisa and travel from there by local trains that run with great regularity.

To stay there one can rent villas in Cinque Terre at very cheap prices. Also, there are many villas for rental in Vernazza.

Activities in Cinque Terra

Hiking & Walking

best things cinque terre

Cinque Terre provides some of the best hiking trails in Europe. The region is prone to landslides, so be sure to check if a particular trail is open before leaving best things cinque terre

  • The trail nearest to the water is named “Trail no 2” and is a paved path from Riomaggiore to Manarola.
  • There are also two hiking trails between Manarola to Corniglia. The center off Corniglia is reached through a series of zig-zag stairways which can be quite taxing in the noon heat.
  • The path from Corniglia to Vernazza is longer and over uneven terrain. Due to this hike takes a few hours.
  • The path from Vernazza to Monterosso is steep and requires a plenty of fitness. Also, the oath winds around cliff sides and offers beautiful glimpses of the ocean.

Swimming and boating

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Swimming in the sea is possible in each of the hamlets. There are large sandy beaches in Monterosso and rocky beaches close to Riomaggiore and Corniglia.

Cinque Terre Night Life

You can enjoy boating in the sea around Cinque Terre and also take part in pesto making course at Nessun Dorma restaurant in Manarola. Basil used to make pesto grows well in the local climate.

Visit local wineries

The landscape of the Cinque Terre is characterised by terraces of vines, hardily worked by man, with fig trees in a strategic position to give shade in moments of rest and agaves to indicate the boundaries and the outlet for the streets on steep stone stairs.

best things cinque terre

The most famous wines of the Cinque Terre are the dry white table wine D.O.C. Cinque Terre, and the Schiacchetrà, a precious liqueur wine produced from raisins. Also, the limoncino is very common, obtained from the lemons of the area.

Enjoy local cuisine and relax:

The cuisine of the Cinque Terre has reached the present day keeping intact the characteristics of a long tradition. Of course, it includes the pesto, made with basil, oil and grated cheese. Among the different types of pasta, stand out the troffie, of wheat flour or chestnuts, tagliatelle, to be seasoned with mushrooms, cabbage potatoes, beans, and chickpeas. Herbs are a fundamental element of the Cinque Terre cuisine. Therefore vegetable pies are prepared with borage, chard, artichokes, zucchini or potatoes and leeks.

Osteria della Corte La Spezia

Fish cannot be missed in these seaside villages. The anchovy cutlets – that is stuffed and fried anchovies, the whitebait fritters, the anchovies, and sardines or the scallops. And the kings of shellfish in the Cinque Terre are the mussels, cooked with a few drops of lemon and a little ‘parsley, or stuffed with tuna, salami, cheese, eggs, marjoram.

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