A civil wedding in Monterosso - Cinque Terre

A civil wedding in Monterosso

A civil wedding in Monterosso

Lovely Wedding in Monterosso on a sunny Summer day in June, such a delightful day for a wedding!

A lovely stroll along the promenade took the wedding couple to the village Town Hall for the celebration of their civil wedding. Parents, relatives and friends accompanied the couple on a lovely stroll along Monterosso promenade to the Town Hall.



the bride’s bouquet shines in her hand, everything is absolutely romantic!


and here the couple is taking the final steps to Monterosso Town Hall. In a few minutes the knot will be tied!


The ceremony is going on and soon they’ll be married



Hands joined for the final “Yes, I Do”…


…and their names will be forever in Monterosso History, bride and groom happily married on a bright sunny day in June 2014!


Our best wishes to our lovely couple!

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